The re-use and modification existing equipment within the Automotive Industry.

Over recent years one of the areas that ECS have focused on has been the re-use and modification of existing equipment within the Automotive Industry. We believe that with the current financial climate affecting all sectors of our industry, the ability to re-utilise and prolong the working life cycle of expensive equipment is paramount for all our clients.

The majority of this work has been concentrated on Engine Assembly line facilities and machines.

Individual projects have included the following :-

  • Re-work of ABB Robot units

  • Camera Recognition Systems

  • Kitting systems

  • Sub-Assembly Areas and conveyor systems.

  • Lineside component feeding , including the provision of pick to light systems, integrated into the Engine Assembly control


  • Customisation of HMI units within Engine assembly facilities

  • Introduction of error proofing systems

  • Development of “Poke Yoke” units and their integration into line side use.

  • The strip out and safe removal of machines and equipment, ranging from individual items to complete facilities. These

strip out actions have included both standard scrappage type work and careful dismantling for re-use in other locations.

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